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Your checklist for hygiene inspections

Completed, signed & dated food safety management system
□ Adequate hand washing facilities
□ A means for drying hands
□ A food preparation sink
□ A suitably equipped first aid kit
□ A probe thermometer
□ Fire protective equipment - extinguishers / fire blanket
□ Proof that you’ve registered your business with the environmental health department
□ A clean, tidy, safe and easily-cleanable workspace that doesn’t provide access to pests or places for bacteria to multiply
□ Adequate ventilation
□ Adequate refrigeration for storing high risk products
□ Appropriate cleaning equipment
□ A means for disposing waste
□ A means for temperature control & segregation (if transporting)
□ Portable hot and cold water of drinking quality
□ Good personal hygiene (you and your staff)
□ Protective clothing – head coverings are advisable though not compulsory
□ Evidence of food segregation i.e. raw and cooked foods
□ Evidence of hygiene training (for you and your staff)

And here's what you can expect from the EHO

□ Your EHO should be courteous throughout the inspection
□ They must show you identification before they start their inspection
□ They must provide feedback and guidance - i.e. outline hazards and suggest corrective action
□ They should clearly distinguish between legal requirements and recommended good practice
□ They must provide reasons for required actions in writing
□ When there’s an apparent breach of law, they must state that law
□ They must give you reasonable time to meet statutory requirements, unless there’s an immediate risk to public health
□ They should outline procedures for appeals against local authority action
□ They must comply with EU Food Safety Directives & Regulations, the Food Safety Act 1990, FSA code of practice, LACORS guidance and advice in relevant food industry guides

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